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  • Na.Lin
    The General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Services is posting this notification to host a public webinar via Adobe Connect Meeting Space.  The purpose of this webinar is to foster and better relationship and understanding with industry regarding the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program under Schedules 48 (Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions) and 599 (Travel Services Solutions).  The format of this webinar will be in question and answer format. 
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    Last Activity: 8/14/2017 12:07 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    Update:The questions due date has been extended to Wednesday August 23.  The webinar has also been changed to September 6th at 10 AM ET.Webinar:URL: https://meet.gsa.gov/r6fh0s0ghj9/Start Date & Time: 9/6/2017, 10:00 AM ETDuration: 1...Read More
  • Jcboyle02
    The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is planning to refresh all GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) to incorporate seven provision and clause updates in October 2016.  This update will align MAS solicitations and contracts with recent policy changes.  Please see the “Significant Changes” attachment for an overview of the planned changes.  
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    Last Activity: 10/3/2016 3:22 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
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  • MAS Blogger
    Please post comments or additional questions here regarding our Multiple Award Schedules webinars!
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    Last Activity: 3/3/2015 9:11 AM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
     Information on a New FAR Service Contracts Reporting (SCR) requirement due 10/31/14 was recently posted on the IAE community board (https://interact.gsa.gov/document/new-far-service-contracts-reporting-scr-requirements). It states that SCR is...Read More
    If you compete a GSA Schedule order, over the SAT, on a lowest price, technically acceptable basis, are you still required to request a price reduction as discussed under FAR 8.405-4, Price reductions?  
    MAS Blogger
    While ordering activities are encouraged to seek price reductions for any size Schedule contract order, they are required to seek price reductions if an order requirement  exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. (even an LPTA order). In...Read More
    As a GSA schedule holder, I have seen a, increase in awards in the IT 70 category that contain requirements that can only fulfilled from different SINs. An example, is a Contracting Officer will issue an award for an IT 70 project under SIN 132-51 for...Read More
    MAS Blogger
    All items quoted under a Multiple Award Schedule order must be available on a contractor's GSA Schedule contract--whether a CTA or Non-CTA. Any items not on Schedule must be clearly marked as "Open Market" items and must be addressed by the...Read More
  • MAS Blogger
    GSA is embarking on several initiatives to improve the quality of our offerings on Multiple Award Schedules (MAS). As such, we are seeking strong collaboration with our industry partners to help us improve product number data quality on MAS through submission of all awarded base products and associated descriptive data on GSA Advantage.  The anticipated outcome of this effort is to provide agencies with quality, meaningful, and complete data to better search and compare products.
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    Last Activity: 7/29/2014 4:21 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    In our industry there are thousands of parts on each product we offer.  We currently have, approximately, 6000 items on our options list.  I'm not sure its feasable or practical to get or to maintain the UPC or MPN for all...Read More
    I 100% agree that GSA needs to use the combination of manufacturer name AND manufacturer part number to identify unique item records.  To make this work GSA will have invest in maintaining and validating a controlled list of manufacturer names, like...Read More
    Similar to JamesFortNevers of Nevers Industries above, all products from our company are custom made.  We are window treatment manufacturers, using hundreds of seasonally changing fabrics and making products to exactly fit specific sized windows or...Read More
    I agree the Manufacturer and Manufacturer's part number should be included to keep like products in true comparison. I have seen many products that we offer, offered from other suppliers  that do not fall into the 10% pricing comparison rules....Read More
  • MAS Blogger
    FAS partnered with FAI and the DAU to offer a comprehensive suite of online training covering FAS acquisition offerings for the acquisition workforce. Courses are listed with the Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (FAITAS) and hosted on the DAU Virtual Campus. Courses include Basic Contracting for GSA Schedules, GSA Global Supply, and GSA Schedules and Small Business.
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    Last Activity: 1/17/2014 7:47 AM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    MAS Blogger
    Hi folks: Don't forget to visit our YouTube 'GSA Training Sessions' playlist to learn more about specific GSA Schedules topics.
    Maureen Duckworth
    Could you please provide a class on the use of Other Dirct Costs (ODC) on Schedule?  This is commonly misunderstood and the general population is in dire need of education.  thank you 
    MAS Blogger
    Hi Maureen: Good suggestion. The MAS Program Division is working on ODC policy--and a course, or training module, on that topic would be helpful. It's on our radar for FY2013.
    Any update on the ODC class that Maureen suggested.  I agree, it's well-needed!! 
    MAS Blogger
    An ODC class is a good suggestion. Here is some more detail on ODCs taken from our MAS Desk Reference: When putting together the acquisition plan, ordering activities should also consider how much and what types of Other Direct Costs (ODCs) are...Read More
  • fsupply
    We have a product on our GSA schedule that went to bid on 'FED BIZ OPPS'.  My question is:  Is there an advantage in having this product on our GSA and bidding it with that price OR just bidding it as an open market item with a lower price? How much assurity is there in getting the bid with the item on our GSA schedule? I'm assuming that we should get it, because we are the only supplier that has the products on GSA currently.  YOUR THOUGHTS!!
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    Last Activity: 8/28/2013 11:04 AM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    You can bid a lower price than what is on your contract without going open market. The contract price is the highest price you are allowed to charge, not the lowest. If you are counting on having it on contract as giving you an advantage, then you...Read More
    I"m not sure what the question was that prompted the reply above...however..I have a question that seems relevant.. My company was recently awarded a schedule....IT 70 space..we're also a Small Disadvantaged Business.. Recently we replied to an...Read More
    Maureen Duckworth
    FAR 8.405-4 discusses Price reductions "Schedule contractors are not required to pass on to all schedule users a price reduction extended only to an individual ordering activity for a specific order or BPA.
    My belief was that if we offer a lower price to one customer, then we have to justify why we provided to one customer but not the other.And we may have to justify as well during any audit that may come about by this practice. How is this by the IG when...Read More
    daniel pepersack
    You can always sell lower to the Federal Government then you schedule.  It is good practice to note in the file three things:1. Why:  This can be as simple as, "we think that it a very important account (who is GSA to say differently)....Read More
  • VincentUrso
      I have heard from several clients that schedule 75 is opening up Oct 1, 2012.. Can someone please confirm, GSA said for 2 years 2010? Thanks 
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    Last Activity: 5/4/2013 4:12 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules, Small Business First, GSA Sustainability Forum
    http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/101378They froze it October 2010 and said it will re-open in 24 months. With the Demand Based Model coming and some potential freezing of more Schedules, I would expect the GSA to potentially postpone the re-opening. We...Read More
    GSA is still evaluating Schedule 75 to determine if it is in the best interest of the Government to either re-open or maintain the current status.  A final decision will be published in FED BizOps within the next two weeks.
    After review and careful consideration, it has been determined Schedule 75 will remain closed to new offers for an additional 12 months. The Schedule will re-open effective October 1, 2013 and new offers will be accepted at that time. 
  • VA FSS Service
    VA FSS Service is proud to announce a new training program for our prospective vendors and current contractors.  Designed to teach on the various aspects of the VA Schedule solicitation proposal submission and review process, this training program will increase our organizational transparency and provide participants with an open forum for discussions with VA Schedule subject matter experts. To reach the widest audience possible, this training program will feature live webinars, podcasts, blogs, and enhanced training articles in our monthly newsletter.
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    Last Activity: 5/4/2013 4:12 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
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  • hthoversten
    I have noticed a trend with vendors submitting "open market" items mixed with GSA-Schedule CLIN on the same quote. Has anyone else experienced this and does this not create conflict with the purpose of GSA Schedule vendors having to compete with those not having schedules?
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    Last Activity: 5/4/2013 4:12 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    In our industry where the Server Cabinet is on our IT70 schedule, but perhaps the shelves or power strip that is also requested is not on schedule, we bid anyway. We clearly mark on the quote which items are on schedule and which are open market so there...Read More
    17. PURCHASE OF INCIDENTAL, NON-SCHEDULE ITEMS NOTE: Open Market Items are also known as incidental items, noncontract items, non-Schedule items, and items not on a Federal Supply Schedule contract. For administrative convenience, an ordering office...Read More
     Ok here is the deal.  You can put open market items on your bid, however as someone stated before it must be clearly marked "open market" and must be ancilliary to the main item being purchased and cannot cost more than the main or...Read More
    Thank you for the insight, thoughts and opions on this matter everyone!For clarification, I did indeed indentify all the line items on GSA Advantage prior to soliciting through e-Buy as market research, it was the responses by vendors mixing...Read More
    Thanks Doris.......
  • smorgan
    My company is a schedule 51V contract holder.  I have been attempting for a while now to submit an economic price adjustment (increase).  Everytime it is rejected, it is for a different reason.  That in itself has been very frustrating.  It seems like an incredible waste of resources from all aspects to reject based on the first mistake as opposed to reviewing the whole modification.
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    Last Activity: 5/4/2013 4:12 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
    Hello Stephanie,I sympathize with your situation. I wrote a little on the subject some time ago on my blog, but it wasn't direct enough, so I wrote more today addressing your specific situation. Here is the Blogpost: Price Escalation and Your...Read More
    Have you supplied a new commercial pricelist to the Govenment?  You may want to provide the Government with invoices prior to the price increase, commercial increase notifications from the manufacturer, and your new commercial pricelist, add in BLS...Read More
    patti reardon
    GSA has been progressively requiring more invoice information to get any type of add or escalation.  I had one company tell me that they could not get a product added to the GSA schedule because they offered quantity discounts and...Read More


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