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OASIS Update- July 19, 2013

Hello, Industry Community!

We are coming down to the wire and there are more plates spinning around here than on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Of course, I’m not old enough to remember the Ed Sullivan Show, but I’ve seen archival footage.  I wanted to provide a quick update on where we are.  While a lot  is going on, from the outside, not much has changed.  The key documentation for OASIS, the final RFPs and the Acquisition Plan, are still under internal review.  With contracts of this importance, we are being very thorough and making sure that everyone concerned has the chance to review what we are doing in a conscientious manner.  That includes our legal support, our small business advocate, our acquisition policy office, etc. 

What I can tell you now is that we will not be releasing the final RFPs during the week of July 22.  The week of July 29 is most likely at this point.  If that changes, I’ll post something here letting you all know.


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