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    Recently, many users have voiced concerns around the significant number of emails they receive from interact.gsa.gov. We at Interact have heard your pleas and have taken action to remedy this issue. The problem When first launched, the email notification system in Interact was set to immediately notify users of any changes to postings and content. With so much activity occurring on Interact, it’s not hard to imagine that the quantity and frequency of emails has become overwhelming.
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    What a great implementation! Thank you !
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    Luis Medina
    On Monday, December 13th, D.J. Caulfield and I participated in an online webinar presentation where we discussed our experiences in launching the interact.gsa.gov social media platform.  For those of you that were unable to attend, the facilitators of the webinar, Government Executive.com, will make a recorded version of the presentation available in their archives at http://www.govexec.com/events/
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    Luis Medina
    So, what exactly can a site registrant do at this point in time?  The answer to this question is that there is limited interaction currently available on the site.  GSA's Federal Acquisition Service is in the process of developing communities related to business topics of interest to our stakeholders.  We are hoping to balance the concerns around the implementation of collaboration technology within the federal sphere with our desire to create a productive business application that will assist us in hearing from our stakeholders on business related matters.
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The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is looking for ways to increase its effectiveness in serving its stakeholder communities.  This group is... More

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