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Greetings from Jim Ghiloni, New PM of Integrations!

Welcome to the Integrations blog!

My name is Jim Ghiloni and I’m the new Integrations PMO team lead. I wanted to come here and post a little about myself and provide a quick update. First, though, I want to take the opportunity to thank my predecessor, Lisa Maguire, for all the outstanding work she has done getting us to this point with Integrations. She has built an incredible foundation here and I look forward to the chance to continue along the path she has laid down. Thanks, Lisa! 

I’m excited about this wonderful opportunity to support the Integrations program. Prior to this, I’ve been serving as the Director of Business Operations in GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS). My time working in AAS has given me a lot of insight into the challenges that our customers face and I know that Integrations will be an invaluable tool in helping them meet their missions. Before moving to AAS, I served as the Director of the GWAC Program Office and as the Alliant program manager, so I’ve got some experience with large-scale multi-agency contracts. I can’t wait to marry up that experience with the knowledge and skills of the Integrations team as I know it will result in a fantastic product.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be getting to know the team, assessing where we are now, and preparing for the next stage in the evolution of Integrations. I know we have at least one major announcement in the works, so please keep coming back here to see what we’re up to. Communications between our team, our customers, and our Industry Partners will be vital to our joint success. In fact, it will likely be the topic of my next blog post, so stay tuned!



Jim Ghiloni

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Integrations Blogger
<p>Thank you, Susan!</p>
Susan Milich
<p>Congratulations, Jim, on your new appointment as PM of Integrations.&nbsp; The AAS group provided a wealth of valuable information and examples of the need for this new vehicle as&nbsp;I worked with GSA to&nbsp;develop the Business Case Analysis for Integrations.&nbsp; Your leadership will take this program to the next level; I&#39;m very confident of that!&nbsp; And kudos to Lisa Maguire for bringing the program thus far.&nbsp; This program will faclilitate tremendous savings of time and money in the acquisition of multi-discipline professional services/solutions.&nbsp; Bring it ON!&nbsp; --Susan Milich</p>
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