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My Company is Interested in Joining the GSA. Any Help is Appreciated?

Hey everyone,

My company finally has decided to go the route of the GSA and try to join. I know it is a long process and we have been holding off on this for quite some time. With just doing some research, I found many companies that claim to get you on for a certain price but most are scams. I guess the first questions is. this.... I keep seeing that it is not worth paying a company to do it anyways because part of the learning process is havinf to go through all the work it entails to get on the GSA. Is this true? If not true, does anyone have a legit organization that is not a scam that can help us?

If we decided to do it ourselves, is there maybe something on the GSA website that can guide us? We are in the transportation business and sell vehicles, I assume we would need to get each one of our vehicles on the schedule.

Any help is appreciated. I have been put in charge of this and really do not know where to start :/


Thanks for your help!


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<p>Help Needed - Our company hold an Alliant Small Business Contract, however we only have one small contract which was recently awarded.&nbsp; I started looking more closely at the contract and the labor descriptions are fantastic except I cannot find any mention of education requirements or years of experience.&nbsp; Does ASB not include these requirements?</p>
Lori O'Connor
<p>Hi Brett,</p><p>Stephanie gave you some great advice. If you belong to LinkedIn there are some great discussions about the pros and cons of hiring someone to prepare the GSA schedule for you in the Federal Contractors Group and the Federal Government Contractor Network Group&nbsp;which will give you a variety of perspectives from other small business owners. There are quite a few reputable firms that assist small businesses, and those that are do not recieve full payment until your schedule is awarded, which depending on the schedule can take more than a year.</p><p>You absolutely can do it yourself but it will take time away from running your core business. You will have to provide the information that any consultant will use to prepare the proposal but the value is those of us who prepare these proposals on a regular basis have the knowledge that will ensure the schedule proposal&nbsp; is not rejected. We also ensure you have a competitive offer that allows you to make a profit. We help identify pricing strategies based on the competitive marketplace and understand the pricing requirements associated with GSA &quot;most favored customer&quot; requirements.</p><p>Even after the schedule is awarded, it takes time and resources to develop and maintain the price list, address the reporting requirements, market the schedule&nbsp;etc. and having an experienced partner can free up your time. On most GSA schedules less than 50% of the contract holders actually have any sales because getting on the schedule is only the first step. It is a license to hunt but not a guarantee&nbsp;for sales.&nbsp;</p><p>I would be happy to discuss the 23V GSA schedule and answer any other questions you have about doing business with the federal government.</p><p>Lori</p><p><a href="mailto:Lori@BarrierConsulting.com">Lori@BarrierConsulting.com</a></p>
<p>Stephanie, I wrote you an email.. please call me if you have a moment</p>
<p>Hi Brett,</p><p>Your research seems to have found all the truths about apply for a GSA Schedule. There are many scams out there and those that aren&#39;t scams are overpriced in my opinion. &nbsp;However, to go after it on your own make take you three times as long, and you may make mistakes (particularly if you or anyone in your company does not have experience with government contracts/proposals already). &nbsp;Those mistakes may come back to haunt you after you have waited for what seems like forever to hear from GSA after you submit your proposal. The last thing you want to do is have to fix mistakes and further delay the process.</p><p>It sounds like your company has already done the research and decided that you can be successful with a GSA contract. &nbsp;That is the most critical step in the process since many, many companies do not have sales under GSA and end up wasting time and money.</p><p>We have a short white paper with Pros/Cons page you may be interested in. &nbsp;Here is the link.&nbsp;<a href="http://www.arrowheadsolutionsllc.com/GSA.html">http://www.arrowheadsolutionsllc.com/GSA.html</a></p><p>We also wrote a blog about the topic you may want to read:&nbsp;<a href="http://arrowheadsolutions.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/gsa-schedules-opinions-change/">http://arrowheadsolutions.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/gsa-schedules-opinions-change/</a></p><p>My company assists companies like yours build their GSA schedules. We provide guidance as needed. We brief you on the entire process and lay out your proposal plan, help you learn the process as you work through the soliciation requierments, get you through the tough spots, and walk you through submission. We can help during negotiations if you wish. &nbsp;If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us. &nbsp;I hope at least that some of our information will help you.</p><p>Best Regards,</p><p>Stephanie Amend</p><p>Arrowhead Solutions, LLC</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Brett</p><p>You might also consider focused training to get smart about the process and received advice and tools for successfully pursuing a schedule offer.&nbsp; We regularly offer a GSA Schedule Boot Camp for this purpose.&nbsp; For informaiton on upcoming Boot Camps see the followng link -&nbsp; <a href="http://www.centreconsult.com/fci/catalog/FC01.asp">http://www.centreconsult.com/fci/catalog/FC01.asp</a></p>
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