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    Charley Schollaert
    If you're with state or local government, here's a partial list of programs GSA offers your agency: Computers for Learning, Surplus Personal Property Donations, Disaster Recovery Purchasing, Wildland Fire Remediation,  IT Products, Law Enforcement and Security Products, and Cooperative Purchasing.
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    Hello - we currently have a Schedule 84 contract.  My boss has said we need to get onto 70 because as security systems become more technical more IT departments are in charge of purchasing them, and he claims many IT departments are allowed to buy...Read More
    GSA schedule contracts are based off of what fits under that particular schedule. Security Systems do not fit under IT 70. Government agencies can order from any schedule. If the product is listed on GSA Advantage then it is available to any agency....Read More
    It's possible that they are required to buy through Nebraska's state contract, which is why they're not buying off your Schedule 84.  If you have a POC, I'd call them and see if that's what's prohibiting them from buying off...Read More
    Keith Gilabert
    Under Schedule 70 do you accept products that are not domestic?
    Bruce Kelly
    Keith, sorry for the delay.  The Trade Agreements Act allows the federal government to procure non domestic products and services.  The terms and conditions concerning the trade agreements act can be found in subpart 25.4 of the Federal...Read More
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