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    Bruce Kelly
    GSA's Regional office, located in Denver Colorado, reached out to state and local jurisdictions to offer its support in assisting in any way possible.  In summary, 1. 17 counties effected. 2. Garrett Pride (our local Customer Service Director) last week, sent emails to contacts to the 17 effected counties and the surrounding counties educating them on GSA solutions. 3. He has also reached out to his own state and local contacts in the effected areas.
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    Bruce, as a purchasing agent for an affected county, how do I contact someone who can walk me through the process of getting expedited service as a result of the Presidential Disaster Declaration? Do you have a contact name and phone number?
    Bruce Kelly
    Hi Jack,I do have a contact for you.  His name is Garrett Pride. his contact information is as follows:Garrett Pride  email:  garrett.pride@gsa.govphone#: 303-236-2382Jack, let me know if I can be of further assistance. Bruce ...Read More
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    IT Schedule 70 associates set out to increase customer awareness of GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing programs this year. While state and local sales represent only a fraction of the overall sales for IT Schedule 70, the overall state and local IT market is forecasted to reach $60B in FY14.
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