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7/25/18 PSHC Spotlight Seminars – Joint Ventures How are Joint Ventures faring in the federal world?
11/19/18 HACS Modernization Webinar HACS Special Item Number (SIN) 132-45 Update Pre-Solicitation webinar to provide information to our industry partners on Significant Changes: Terms and Conditions; Migration Plan; Evaluation Requirements
11/20/18 SIN 132-61 Refresh Updates to the Terms and Conditions ensure the products and services comply with appropriate PKI policies and security standards. The SIN description has been updated to align with the Terms and Conditions as well as provide a clear description of the pro
11/21/18 Live Training on the MRO Strategic Solution Learn the benefits, savings, and ordering options of the Maintenance, Repair & Operations Purchasing Channel strategic sourcing solution.
11/21/18 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 11/21/2018 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 11/21/2018
11/28/18 Computers for Learning Does your agency have IT equipment that is no longer needed by your agency? Well, it is time to electronically report the items into www.GSAXcess.gov for Computers for Learning (CFL).
11/29/18 Webinar - Reporting Property in GSAXcess 11/29/2018 report property, GSAXcess, upload pictures, property disposal
11/29/18 Building Maintenance and Operations Overview & DPA Training - Virtual 11/29/2018 Announcing the Building Maintenance and Operations Overview and Delegation of Procurement Authority Training. The training will provide detailed ordering procedures for the new BMO government-wide strategic sourcing contract vehicle.
11/29/18 PSHC Spotlight Seminars - Discovery The product manager will take you through the use of the Discovery tool
12/3/18 SAN DIEGO FCN 416 Personal Property Disposal Concepts This information-packed course covers the reporting and reutilization of excess and the donation and sale of surplus federal personal property.