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Name Description CLP
AutoChoice By the end of this training, you will be able to navigate the AutoChoice online tool; locate a vehicle that fits your needs; place your vehicle purchase order; track the status of your purchase order; and Create reports for your order(s). Over sixty thousand vehicles are procured annually at more... 0
Buy Green Products and Services with GSA This course is designed to assist government employees in their goal to achieve more sustainable options for their agency. As government employees, we all have been tasked with improving the environment by building, operating, and buying green. By the end of this training course you should be able... 1
FAS Assisted Acquisitions This course is designed to identify the services offered by AAS; distinguish between direct and assisted acquisitions; and recognize the various electronic tools used by AAS and describe the value of AAS services to you. The Assisted Acquisition Service is comprised of contracting officers, project... 1
Using Government Charge Cards in Emergency Situations In the event of an emergency, federal government charge cardholders may be required to perform transactions using their purchase, travel, and/or fleet cards. As a cardholder or a manager of a cardholder you have specific responsibilities. By the end of this training course you should be able to... 1