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All of the groups on GSA Interact are part of an open, collaborative community where users can engage and discuss their views on a variety of trending topics.

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Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) Community
Welcome to the FCSA community! The purpose is to communicate news and events regarding the Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) acquisition and... More
Future Government Payment Solutions - GSA SmartPay
Significant evolution in the charge card and payments market has occurred since the beginning of the GSA SmartPay contracts.   GSA's Office of Charge... More
GSA Furniture
The purpose of this Furniture group page is to collaborate with you on how we can build an effective solutions for purchasing Furniture products and... More
GSA Global Supply Customer Community
Welcome to an Interact community for GSA Global Supply customers! We created this forum to share program updates, announcements, training events, and... More
GSA Global Supply Vendor Community
Welcome to an Interact community site for GSA Global Supply vendor partners! Given the numerous changes, some underway and some planned, associated... More
GSA Reverse Auctions
GSA's Reverse Auctions tool is an efficient and cost-effective platform for buying non-complex commodities and simple services. It’s designed to... More
GSA Schedule 36, Office Imaging and Document Solutions
GSA Integrated Workplace Acquistion Center (IWAC) has the latest technologies for your office imaging, document management and mail management... More
GSA Schedule 75 Community Group
Welcome to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75 Community Page.  We are pleased to announce that we are considering options for reopening GSA’s MAS... More
GSA Sustainability Forum
Here at the Sustainability Forum, we discuss the current state of Federal sustainability, including ideas for improving agencies' ability to address... More
Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS)
Welcome to the Human Capital and Training Solution (HCaTS) community. The intent of this collaborative forum is to increase engagement and... More