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All of the groups on GSA Interact are part of an open, collaborative community where users can engage and discuss their views on a variety of trending topics.

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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Health Information Technology -- DHA/GSA Partnership
This represents a community where customers and industry can engage and discuss Health Information Technology related topics and issues. This will... More
DHA Industry Partnership Network
Industry Partnership Network (IPN) is a market research based pogram that facilitates direct acquisition relaed communction between DHA and DHA's... More
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)
The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Training Community
The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) training community provides training and certifications to contracting officers (COs),... More
Events & Training
Collaborations, discussions, networking and sharing before, during and after GSA training and events. Sign up to receive notifications on the latest... More
FABSzone (Financial And Business Solutions)
This Group is intended to provide FABS contractors with an interactive forum to address issues specific to the FABS Schedule wherein they can:... More
Facilities & Construction Category
This community will 1) Increase awareness of the Facilities and Construction Category among Federal Agency and Industry partners; 2) Provide... More
FAR Data Collection Pilot
This group will have general information about the FAR Data Collection Pilot program. Current pilot participants and all other interested parties are... More
Federal IT Hardware Community of Interest
What is the Federal IT Hardware Community of Interest?   A Collaborative government-wide working group/forum to discuss and work toward solving... More
Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) - Janitorial & Sanitation
Welcome to the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) – Janitorial & Sanitation (JanSan) Supplies community. As one of the new FSSI efforts... More