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    Build a track records in private sector and Then moved over To GSA! It will give you a cashflow without totally depending on Fed. Gov. Their funds are not as large as they once was!
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    This year we have taken on many projects to improve our support to small business.  We are updating our web pages, adding new free training, expanding our outreach and much more.  Tell us your ideas for improving the help we provide to small businesses partnering with GSA.
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    GS-27F-0026X is exactly correct Alan. First make sure that you're squared away with CCR and Orca. SBA is who you work with for 8a status. And lastly, I highly recommend going to the Vendor Support Center vsc.gsa.gov and take their 'New Contractor...Read More
    In the short experience I have had so far with the government opportunities, I have found that there is so much information out there, it is vastly overwhelming. The OSBU has been helpful... but only to a point. My "blanket" response (and this...Read More
    Re-instate the web site www.gsa.gov/cae How to become a contractor videos.Looked like a great site but it has been taken down.P.S. Really enjoyed the video presentation.
    I looked into your question and found that the training seems to be moved to http://interact.gsa.gov/gsa-training.  Yaisa Reeves is listed as the POC for the previous site and I have put an email into her to get a response to your question on the...Read More
    I spoke to the program manager - the CAE site is no longer funded and will be removed in about 30 days.  The earlier message I provided is the current resource.  If there are any additional questions you may use the contact information...Read More


Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Welcome to GSA’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) "Small... More
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