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All of the groups on GSA Interact are part of an open, collaborative community where users can engage and discuss their views on a variety of trending topics.

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Alliant 3 GWAC Community of Interest
Welcome to the Alliant 3 GWAC Community of Interest; a forum to collaborate on topics related to GSA’s upcoming unrestricted GWAC. More information... More
Army Contracting Command - Redstone (ACC-RSA) --- EXPRESS
The EXPRESS Interact community is the place for the Army Contracting Command - Redstone (ACC-RSA) to communicate and share EXPRESS and other program... More
Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) Government-wide Strategic Sourcing Solution
Welcome to the GSA strategic sourcing Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) community. This effort is being undertaken to improve the way the... More
Commercial Platforms Initiative
  This Interact group is designed to support the market research and phased implementation of procurement through Commercial E-Commerce Portals (... More
Commissions & Boards (CABs)
This interact group is a collaborative forum designed to connect GSA’s CABs clients with our unique service providers.               
E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) Next Industry Community
ETSNext community will be made up of industry Travel and Expense solution providers both existing contract holders and new entrants.
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)
The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Training Community
The Interact Community for Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Training provides training and certifications to contracting officers (COs),... More
Events & Training
Facilities & Construction Category
This community will 1) Increase awareness of the Facilities and Construction Category among Federal Agency and Industry partners; 2) Provide... More