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    Definition of SCR Requirements   By law, executive agencies must prepare an annual inventory of their service contracts, known as SCRs. This is in accordance with Section 743(a) of Division C of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010 (Pub. L. 111-117).
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    Recent GSA solicitation refreshes / mass modifications added FAR clause 52.204-15 SERVICE CONTRACT REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR INDEFINITE-DELIVERY CONTRACTS (JAN 2014). Can you confirm if all GSA Schedule contractors providing services are now subject to...Read More
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    The Integrated Award Environment office is soliciting feedback on a draft performance work statement (PWS) for the IAE Common Services. The draft section C and a ZIP file containing appendices are attached to this message. We are soliciting feedback on the following points: 1.      Is our scope clear, regarding which business functions are contained in this effort? (That is, the current systems that will be supported by the common services environment directly will be those described in background sections of Section C.)
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    The IAE team is asking you to dive into our current business processes to tell us what can be improved as we move forward with the development of the future environment. 
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    On December 18, 2013 the following deck was presented at the IAE Path Forward industry meeting.  We welcome your comments and input here.
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    Maybe we could add a "Doing Automotive Repairs for Fleet" option be at the 1st page of the SAM reason for updates section? Something taylored specifically to our vendors, making the updating process less time consuming. Just a thought thanks
    I really love the fact that GSA is looking out for the Small Business owners.  So when I am able to help the automotive repair shop owners, update their information on the SAM site, it is very rewarding.  I just wanted to see if, we could...Read More


The IAE environment is designed to transition multiple, stove-piped applications into an integrated workforce tool set for awards management across... More

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