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Industry Partner Briefing: PSS Solicitation Refresh #35

Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 1:00 PM

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is planning to refresh the 00CORP - Professional Services Schedule (PSS) in April 2019.

GSA FAS will host an industry webinar to provide interested parties an opportunity to learn about the updates to the solicitation.  The webinar will be in a listen-only format with the ability for participants to type questions via an online chat function. The webinar information is provided below.

This update will further streamline the PSS solicitation as follows: Currently, there are four (4) versions of solicitation provision SCP-FSS-001 in the PSS solicitation: ·

  • SCP-FSS-001-N Instructions Applicable to New Offerors (applies to offerors not participating in the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot);
  • SCP-FSS-001-N Instructions Applicable to New Offerors (Alternate IV) (applies to offerors participating in the TDR pilot);
  • SCP-FSS-001-S Instructions Applicable to Successful FSS Program Contractors (applies to offerors not participating in the TDR pilot); and
  • SCP-FSS-001-S (Alternate II) (applies to offerors participating in the TDR pilot) This has caused a lot of confusion for industry partners because it requires offerors to figure out which version of the provision applies to them and disregard the others.

A new version of SCP-FSS-001, which will be applicable to 00CORP - PSS Offers only, will include the following changes:

  1. The new version of SCP-FSS-001 combines all the requirements currently included in the four (4 versions of SCP-FSS-001-N and SCP-FSS-001-N (Alt IV), Instructions Applicable to New Offerors. This Alternate version will be the only version that will be included in the solicitation.
  2. Provides additional clarifying language for proposal requirements, such as: Information to be provided with financial reports Corporate experience requirements Quality Control Plan instructions Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) methodology Commercial Sales Practices disclosures
  3. Removes requirements that are inapplicable to PSS offers, such as: AbilityOne Program Products Manufacturer Part numbers/UPCDs Frustrated Freight
  4. Prescribes specific proposal attachments and naming conventions for each attachment
  5. Includes two new solicitation attachments:
    • Proposal Checklist (with Administrative, Technical, and Pricing Templates). This provides a structured format for offerors to follow to ensure their proposal meets all solicitation instructions.
    • Request to Hold Continuous Contracts - this document applies to successful PSS contractors whose contracts are coming to the end of their 20 year contract period and who are seeking a follow on PSS contract. This document will facilitate submission of the Schedule ordering activity information that is needed to evaluate FSS Program Contractor request to hold continuous contracts for a period of time.

Clause changes (additions, deletions, and/or updates) and Wage Determination updates are anticipated in this refresh.

About Events: GSA's PSHC Industry Partner Briefings are interactive webinars designed to provide contractors with a better understanding and open dialogue on various aspects of GSA's professional services and human capital program. Questions? Contact Debra Drake, Industry Relations Manager, at professionalservices@gsa.gov. Additional Professional Services Schedule industry resources are available at gsa.gov


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