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Doing Business with GSA

Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 1:00 PM

Small Business Community,

Please join us to learn about opportunities with GSA. This training includes and overview of GSA programs, provide you sources of support and highlight the mentor protege program.   

This training is just one of a 5 part series of webinars designed with the goal of success for the small business.

Please keep checking our website at www.gsa.gov/osbu or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/gsaosbu for training updates across the country on topics such as:  

• Sustainability Awareness
• Mentor Protégé
• Initiating Partnering Agreements
• 6 Steps to Successful Marketing
• Doing Business with GSA


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<p>Check out the updated site - hope it helps - www.gsa.gov/smallbizhelp</p>
<p><strong>As a SDVOB one of The Best thing that has happen is The way ,Vendor can get so much informations with just a click and This have really enabled me to get after more works! I must admit early on I was one of The biggest Vet that was wondering where The work? Now because of The webnairs and discussion group I can go find it!</strong></p>
<p>So glad to hear the work we are doing is making a difference.&nbsp; We will soon have a new website that will make it even easier for Vets like you to find information to help you partner with our agency.&nbsp; We will also be attending the Vets conference in New Orleans this August.&nbsp; Will you be there?&nbsp; I&#39;ll be teaching on Sustainability and Schedules.&nbsp; I hope you will make a point to say hello if you attend!</p>
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