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Updated JanSan Market Basket to include AbilityOne indicators

The JanSan Requisition Channel Market Basket (attached) has been updated to include information for National Stock Numbers (NSNs) that are required to be mandatory sourced from AbilityOne. 

When issued, the JanSan Requisition Channel Request For Quote (RFQ) will require statutory compliance with the Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) Act (41 USC 46-48c), which requires the Government to purchase supplies contained on the JWOD procurement list from AbilityOne®participating nonprofit agencies if available within the period required (FAR 8.704).  Vendors will be required to be an AbilityOne® distributor for procurement list items quoted prior to submission of its quotation. 

Please submit questions or comments here in Interact or send to FSSI.JanSan-Req@gsa.gov.



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