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Sustainability Videos: GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool and GSA Carbon Footprint Tool

GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

Designing a facility with the environment and savings in mind is becoming increasingly important. Using the GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool, agencies are provided a one-stop shop for environmentally preferable solutions for renovations, alterations and leases.

The Green Products Compilation goes one step further in providing detailed information regarding the federal green purchasing programs that address the items located on the GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool.

Want to know more? Access the video below for a walk through of both tools!

GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool video thumbnail

GSA Carbon Footprint Tool

Make compiling, tracking and reporting your agency's annual comprehensive GHG inventory cost effective and easy! Progress your agency's efforts to calculate savings today- learn more about GSA's Carbon Footprint Tool.

GSA Carbon Footprint Tool video thumbnail




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