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Status Update to Offerors of the GSA Alliant 2 Unrestricted GWAC

The GSA Alliant 2 Unrestricted GWAC (A2) Acquisition Team (Team) is currently in the middle of the source selection phase of the A2 procurement. There are many complex undertakings conducted by several A2 Team evaluators immersed in conducting the evaluation of Offeror proposals. Some of the activities required from the A2 Team are to converse with multiple federal agencies, private companies and on occasion directly with the Offerors by email, mail or phone for purposes of verification or clarification concerning specific documents submitted in their proposals. During this source selection phase, the most common and frequent communications initiated with the Offerors concern GSA’s financial form 527 and the small business subcontracting plans. These communications typically take place many months prior to any award determination or award announcement.

It’s important to also recognize that any A2 Team communications with any Offerors during this procurement phase will not be in the form of discussions. Communications with Offerors are exclusively in the form of clarifications; for the GWAC PCO determined that contracts will be awarded without tradeoffs or discussions (A2 RFP Section M.2 Basis for Award).

Specifically, part of this evaluation may require communication to Offerors by GSA's Finance personnel concerning financial information related to the Offeror's GSA form 527. Not all Offerors should expect to receive requests from GSA Finance since the government may find required information needed through other public sources for obtaining financial data. Additionally, some Offerors may be contacted by the GWAC PCO to correct/clarify their Small Business Subcontracting Plans for purposes of continued evaluations.

The two processes mentioned above, finance and subcontracting plans, plus any other requests for verification or clarification should not be misconstrued. These processes are the government taking steps to adequately complete their evaluations of proposal documents received. If an Offeror does not receive a call or email from a member of the A2 Team, it means no further information is required by the Team at this time to complete a proposal evaluation.

Award determinations on A2 are not expected to occur for several months. Until that date of award announcement, there will be no information disseminated to the public on the current status of any Offeror’s ranking or score.

Any official updates to the A2 procurement, such as RFP amendments, will be provided by the GWAC PCO through the FedBizOpps. Offerors should not initiate any communications concerning this procurement with any GSA personnel within the GSA organization other than the GWAC Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) assigned to the solicitation. Communicating with anyone other than the PCO or his designee who initiates the request, e.g., GSA Finance, is absolutely unacceptable. The GWAC PCO remains the single point of contact for communicating with an Offeror.

Very Respectfully,

John Cavadias

Alliant 2 Unrestricted GWAC

GSA Procuring Contracts Officer


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