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Stakeholder Forum Recap with Q&A

On March 19, the IAE hosted its latest stakeholder outreach forum in our ongoing series that allows IAE to share with our users important information about our existing systems and the system we’re building - beta.SAM.gov.  


Office of Systems Management (parent organization for the IAE)  Assistant Commissioner Judith Zawatsky began the program with remarks about OSM as-a-whole and how our work aligns with GSA’s priorities and strategic goals.  Zawatsky also talked about the current state and future of the eight IAE legacy systems.

IAE Deputy Assistant Commissioner Vicky Niblett followed by providing a high-level overview of beta.SAM.gov. She covered the timing and preparations needed for the upcoming transitions. She started with the upcoming decommissioning of WDOL.gov, scheduled to decommission in the third quarter of fiscal year 2019. She followed by discussing the upcoming migration of FBO.gov, scheduled to conclude in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. Niblett encouraged users to try out the new functionality already available today on beta.SAM.gov and to provide comments using the feedback tool.

Niblett finished with a brief overview of how login.gov will integrate into beta.SAM.gov and how the IAE is helping industry users stay up-to-date on the modernization process.

If you missed this latest stakeholder forum or would like to hear it again, you can view the presentation here.


Some questions we received in writing during the presentation include:

1. Are there any changes we can expect concerning the frequency of updates to the data in SAM, corporate ownership information, exclusion information, etc.?

At this time, the requirements for frequency of SAM registration are not changing.  

2. Do you have to log into Search?

No. Anyone can search public data without logging in. In order to save searches, track updates, or access privileged data users will have to sign in.

3. When will Fedbizopps cease to work?

The current roadmap has the legacy FBO.gov being decommissioned in FY Q1 2020...which is the last quarter of the 2019 calendar year. There will be many communications related to transition activities as the time approaches.

5. Can individuals register on Login.gov, or does it have to be by company?

All Individuals must register on Login.gov.  There is no such thing as a company registration in login.gov.

6. If you login, will search results only populate opportunities that your company/classification size qualifies for?

No. You can use the filters to return opportunities based on the criteria that you choose.

7. Will we be required to change out passwords every 90 days or will CAC access be sufficient?

Federal policy requires that all passwords be updated every 90 days. Even CAC/PIV users will have a password on the account that must be kept up to date in the event a user wishes to log in through other means.

8. How do permissions work within login.gov? How do I give one person access to everything, but another person access to only the contract opportunities?

Permissions are controlled within beta.SAM.gov through a Role Management capability.  

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