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Seeking Feedback: FSSI JanSan DRAFT RFQ for the Requisition Channel

The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) JanSanTeam will be hosting a joint Virtual Industry Day with the MRO and Office Supplies Industry for the Requisition Channel.  During this session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback on the FSSI JanSan DRAFT RFQ for the Requisition Channel. 

For your information, we are including a copy of the DRAFT RFQ for the FSSI JanSan Requisition Channel along with other relevant documents and Item Purchase Description (IPD) files. 

Please refer to these attachments for details:

Attachment 1 - DRAFT RFQ JanSan Requisition Channel
Attachment 2 - ContractorVital Statistics Submission
Attachment 3 - JanSan Representation Document 552.203-72
Attachment 4 - JanSan SubContracting Plan
Attachment 5 - IPD for Brooms and Brushes
Attachment 6 - IPD for Cleaning Compounds
Attachment 7 - IPD for Motorized Floor Cleaning
Attachment 8 - IPD for Trash Receptacles
Attachment 9 - IPD for  Personal Hygiene, Paper Products, Dispensers, and Laundry Accessories
Attachment 10 - Applicable FAR Environmental Regulations

We look forward to hearing your feedback, so have your questions and comments ready; and join GSA representatives and Industry for our collaborative virtual meeting on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 1:00PM to 3:30PM pm (EST).

Registration for the virtual meeting closes Monday, February 17th so if you are interested in participating, click this link to Register Here

If you have any questions regarding this event and/or FSSI JanSan feel free to reach out to the JanSan Team here on GSA Interact or at FSSI.JanSan-Req@gsa.gov.



This posting is a draft only. It is presented for informational purposes and feedback only.


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