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Scoring - Make sure you prove it


Hello ASTRO Community!

The ASTRO team has been quite busy finalizing documents, going through review sessions, and providing findings on NUMEROUS projects submitted for pre-solicitation review.  One of the issues we keep noticing is that in many cases, references provided within a document are insufficient to validate what is being claimed.  Many times, the claimed element is being inferred, but is not actually spelled out in the documentation.  This will NOT be sufficient for validation purposes. 

For example, say an Offeror is applying for the training pool and wishes to take credit for Sensor Training.  The reference provided directs us to a section in the SOW that refers to Flight Crew Training.  NOW, the Offeror KNOWS they provide Sensor Training as part of Flight Crew Training, but the documentation is completely silent on the matter of sensor training.  So to quote a favorite movie of ours, “It’s not what you KNOW… It’s what you can PROVE!”  If the documentation does not clearly spell it out for the evaluation team, you will NOT get credit for it!  So what do you do?  DIG DEEPER!  In this example, we would need some kind of documentation that proves sensor training is part of the Flight Crew Training.  This proof may be in a monthly status report or even possibly the Flight Crew Training curriculum. 

Bottom line, we need a CLEAR and EASY trail to the proof of every scoring element you claim.  Remember, while YOU know intricate details about what your company does during performance, the Evaluation Team knows literally NOTHING.  Your job in the proposal submission process is to make sure the Evaluation Team sees and understands the proof you provide to us.  Accordingly, as part of your internal process, we strongly recommend the use of a “cold reader” who knows little to nothing about the project, to review the references and proof in order to determine if there is a clear path laid out between what is claimed and the validation documents.  Never assume we know anything!  Spell it out clearly for us!

That’s it for this blog.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at astro@gsa.gov.  Stay tuned for a DAILY series of blogs here on Interact leading up to the release of the final solicitation documents!

Please have a great ASTRO Day!!!

Todd and Team


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