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Schedule 36-Electronic Records Management Vendor Demos-Feedback Requested!

GSA's Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center is seeking immediate feedback from Schedule 36 SIN 51 600 contract holders on the vendor demo process outlined below. Feedback can be provided via email, recordsmanagement@gsa.gov. IWAC is not accepting vendor demos at this time, a date will be provided once the demo process has been finalized. 


Vendor Demo Recording Process

Demo Video Recording Options

Vendors will have two options for recording their videos, as follows:

Option 1: Vendors can record their demo video(s) using their own internal resources.   

Option 2: Vendors can utilize GSA’s resources to record their demo video(s).     

A description of the process for both options is listed below. 

Option 1

Submission Information:

Vendors utilizing their own resources to record their demo may submit a link to their video to recordsmanagement@gsa.gov.  GSA will start accepting demos on _____________.  Demo videos received before that date will not be accepted or reviewed. 

Along with the recording, vendors must submit the following:

  • A completed demo script template form
  • A copy of final slide deck with notes per slide that describe what the viewer will hear for each slide.
  • A signed release form.  In order to post the demos to the Acquisition Gateway, we require that the vendors give GSA rights to the demos.  Vendors  will also have rights to the video and can share their video as they deem appropriate. 

Option 2

Scheduling Your Demo Recording 

Vendors should email recordsmanagement@gsa.govwith their request to schedule a recording starting on ______________.

Submission Information:

Prior to recording, vendors must provide the following:

  • A completed demo script template form
  • A copy of final slide deck with notes per slide that describe what the viewer will hear for each slide.
  • A signed release form.  In order to post the demos to the Acquisition Gateway, we require that the vendor give GSA rights to the demos.  Vendors will also have rights to the video and can share the videos as they deem appropriate. 

Process for Recording the Demo

The vendor will conduct their demonstration virtually using the Adobe Connect Meeting Space platform (GSA will provide the connection information once date and time is scheduled).   The presentation will be recorded with the adobe connect recording option.  Only GSA, and optionally NARA staff, will attend the meeting space recording session, to limit bandwidth and other technical issues.


Guidelines and Considerations for Demos


  • Demo for each scenario should be no more than 5 minutes with an up to 5 minute introduction (max 20 minutes)  - The vendor may choose to allocate more or less time to each scenario, as long as the overall 20 minutes allotted is not exceeded.  Under Option 2, GSA will stop recording at the 20 minute mark.  Videos shorter than 20 minutes are acceptable and strongly encouraged.


  • Include date at beginning of presentation.
  • Consider addressing each type of electronic message in the demos, specifically email, SMS/MMS, and chat messages.
  • Automation should be considered wherever possible.
  • Describe your general approach to records management: Traditional, Hosted, Embedded, and ERMaaS.
  • Do not compare your product or service to that of a competitor or mention competitor names in your presentation.
  • Do not mention Federal or commercial customers, or include visuals that would reveal information about any customer, during the presentation.
  • Do not deviate from the script and final slide deck provided, without advance notice.  GSA reserves the right not to release a recording if it fails the technical and content review (see below).


GSA/NARA Demo Reviews/Approvals


Regardless of whether your video was recorded by GSA or through internal resources, the recorded demo will require review by GSA and NARA, in coordination with GSA’s Office of Strategic Communication, for content (appropriateness and style of delivery) as well as technical aspects (audio/video quality).    GSA reserves the right not to release a recording that contains inappropriate content, does not follow the guidelines listed above, or is of poor audio/video quality.


Upon approval of the technical/content review, the recorded demo will then be submitted to GSA IT for closed captioning to ensure it meets accessibility guidelines found in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 before it can be released.

          (1)  must be closed captioned to ensure accessibility of information by hearing-impaired or deaf individuals.

          (2)  must have audio that describes or gives context for essential visual information to ensure accessibility by visually-impaired or blind individuals.

A copy of the closed captioning transcript (.txt format) will be provided to the vendor for edit before the recording is converted to the final closed caption version.


Requests for edits and/or re-record a demo

The documents required prior to recording should help minimize any edits required after the recording or the need for re-recording.

Edits to the original recording will be limited to close captioning text and must be made to the transcript (.txt) file before it is converted to the closed captioned final recording.

Requests to re-record a demo will be handled on a case by case basis and be predicated on the need to correct inaccuracies or inappropriateness of content. 


Release of the Vendor Demo Videos:

  • Video on Demand (will allow viewers to consume on their schedule, as opposed to having to watch live).
  • Productions for internal release or to be posted to password-protected websites will be uploaded to GSA’s private Vimeo channel.  Videos on this channel cannot be seen by the general public or anyone who does not have access to GSA’s intranet or password-protected sites.
  • Internal Federal Government Users Only will access the video demos on the  GSA Acquisition Gateway.
  • Hyperlinks to the Use Cases and to the Resource on the Acquisition Gateway, where the vendor demos will reside, will also be posted on www.gsa.gov/recordsmanagementsolutions
  • In addition to the videos being posted on the Acquisition Gateway for federal customers, vendors also have the option of posting their videos as they deem appropriate. 
  • Once videos are approved, there may be a waiting period for posting the videos on the Acquisition Gateway so that vendors have an equal opportunity to the online exposure.  However, GSA reserves the right to post videos in the order they are received and/or based on the approval date.  For this reason, we strongly suggest that vendors follow the guidelines and considerations posted in this document to avoid delays in posting your video. 









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