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Recording the right PSC and description in FPDS

When awarding contracts as an 1102, one of my least favorite tasks was recording the proper Product Service Code (PSC) and completing the description field in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). I will admit to being guilty of choosing PSC R499 “Other Professional Services” as my “default” PSC when awarding services comprised of a wide scope. One only has to look at the spend data in FPDS and assume other 1102s have done the same.

Additionally, I can recall in previous years of having to choose a particular PSC that would simply not create an “error” in FPDS validation. Sometimes the system drives the outcome and creates spend data inaccuracies.

This does not mean that choosing a PSC ending in “99” is wrong. It just makes it more challenging to determine what was specifically procured. Hence the importance of fully using the “Description of Requirement” field in FPDS.

In an effort to strive for specific PSC and FPDS description field accuracy when issuing orders against the Professional Services Schedule please review the attached documents.


For additional information regarding NAICS code issues under GSA Schedule order set-asides see PSS Order NAICS codes and set-asides.


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Author of this blog post: Brad deMers


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