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Q&A Document Available from FSSI OS3 Industry Engagement Event

The  Question & Answer document from the FSSI OS3 Virtual Industry Engagement session on December 10 is now available and downloadable by clicking the link below:


OS3 Industry Engagement Question & Answer Document

In addition, we are reviewing recent concerns/comments and will address in January 2014.

Please note, as we are in the process of making transcripts 508 compliant, the FSSI OS3 Virtual Industry Engagement Event recording will be available in January 2014 as well.

Happy Holidays!


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<p><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">Attachment 1 Spreadsheet part numbers are provided to assist vendors with known compatible items. The Government intends to review Market Basket list prior to final release. If Contractor is aware of an AbilityOne item that can be proposed, you must indicate such in your proposal and bring any noted discrepancy to the attention of the Contracting Officer. Ability One items must be proposed when known.</span></p><div>&nbsp;</div>
<p>It appears that the answer to a different question was copied into the answer section for the AbilityOne question below. Could the OS3 team provide an answer to the original question below.</p><p>Question: AbilityOne ETS and Market Basket items. According to the solicitation, offerors cannot provide a commercial item essentially the same (ETS) as an AbilityOne item. The sample model numbers of the draft market basket list the following items which according to the AbilityOne Commission&#39;s latest file are ETS items or are in process for ETS evaluation: AVE5931, HSM1343, MMMPF317, MMMPF319, QRTP557M, SAN61256. Should the references in the solicitation be changed to the AbilityOne product references?</p>
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