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Q&A available for MRO Requisition Channel Draft RFQ


Questions and answers regarding the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Requisition Channel Draft RFQ, posted on August 17 and closed for comment on August 28, 2015, are now available. This is in response to the Draft RFQ eBuy posting RFQ1022276.

Also posted are the Draft RFQ attachments (1 through 11) requested by industry during the Draft RFQ open comment period. Please note that these are drafts and are subject to change, most notably Attachment 1: MRO Supplies Requisition Channel Quote Sheet, which will likely be broken into two sheets: East and West.

Attachment 1 MRO Supplies Requisition Channel Quote Sheet

Attachment 2a Item Purchase Descriptions, Tools & Some Hardware

Attachment 2b Item Purchase Descriptions, Hardware

Attachment 3 552.203-72 Representation

Attachment 4 Subcontracting Plan Template (Large Businesses Only)

Attachment 5 Provisions and Clauses

Attachment 6 Transportation Requirements

Attachment 7 SF 1449

Attachment 8 MIL STD 129 Compliance Document

Attachment 9 Vendor OR EQUAL Self-Certification Document

Attachment 10 Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) FSC Descriptions by MRO Category

Attachment 11 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Criteria

On behalf of GSA, thank you for the comments and feedback.  Please check back as more information becomes available.


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Welcome to the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) requisition channel (RC) community. A government-wide strategic sourcing effort launched in... More
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