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Public Meeting (01/09/18) - Transcript Available

The transcript from the Procurement through Commercial e-Commerce Portals meeting on 01/09/2018 is now available. Please see the attachment to this post. We want to thank everyone for their active involvement in this meeting and we look forward to maintaining an ongoing dialogue.


As a reminder, to assist GSA and OMB in drafting the Phase I implementation plan, interested parties are invited to submit written comments. All comments must be submitted by January 16, 2018 to allow the government to take them into account before drafting the Phase I implementation plan. Comments can be submitted directly via the Federal Register notice and will be posted publicly, without edit to regulations.gov.


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  This Interact group is designed to support the market research and phased implementation of procurement through Commercial E-Commerce Portals (... More

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Commercial Platforms 101 briefing

Overview briefing of the Commercial Platforms initiative


Implementation Plan and Policy Assessment -
Phase I Deliverable to Congress (March 2018)


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