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Public and For Official Use Only (FOUO) APIs

Now that FBO.gov (Federal Business Opportunities) has retired, and its key functionalities have been transitioned, beta.SAM.gov is the authoritative source for contract opportunities. Access to the public opportunities Application Programming Interface (API) is now granted within your beta.SAM.gov account.

APIs allow computers to exchange pre-formatted data without human intervention. The contract opportunities APIs provide public opportunities data in a format that is easy for other systems or applications to ingest. To access an API, you must first request a public API key. To make this request, log in to beta.SAM.gov and go to the Account Details page. You must enter the account password on the Account Details page to view the API key information. If an incorrect password is entered, an error will be returned.

After the API key is generated, it can be viewed on the Account Details page. To view the key, you will need to use a one-time password that will be sent to the email address associated with your beta.SAM.gov account. The API key will remain visible until you navigate to a different page. To view the API key again, return to the Account Details page, click to view it, and enter the one-time password from your email. If you receive an error message during the API key generation or retrieval, then you must try again.

For more detailed information or support related to working with APIs please visit GSA’s open data portal at open.GSA.gov.

Please note APIs have the following request rate limits:

Non-Government Users: 10 requests/day

Non-Government Users Associated with an Entity: 1000 requests/day

Government Users: 1000 requests/day

Government Users with a System Account: No Limit

The Federal Hierarchy “For Official Use Only” (FOUO) API allows U.S. Government users to obtain federal organization details down to the office level. As part of this API, organization information for all levels (departments/sub-tiers/offices) is provided by default.

You are allowed to use the Federal Hierarchy FOUO API for internal, U.S. Government business purposes. You are not allowed to display or disseminate outside the U.S. Government any values received in a Federal Hierarchy FOUO API response unless that value is directly associated with a federal award record. 

Further terms of use and the full set of parameters offered with the Federal Hierarchy FOUO API may be reviewed at the API’s specification page here.

System Accounts are necessary for those seeking to use the FOUO API or to connect their systems directly to beta.SAM.gov.  If you do not have a System Account, you will need to contact your system administrator or system manager for further assistance. 

A System Account provides direct access to federal information and data within the beta.SAM.gov environment. A System Account is typically used for:

Regularly pushing or pulling large amounts of data

Accessing non-public, For Official Use Only (FOUO) data

Using a Contract Writing System (CWS) 

To access beta.SAM.gov data via an API with a System Account, a user is required to login with the System Account and provide an API key, which can be generated and accessed for the System Account within the System Account Profile page.

If you create an individual user account on Login.gov for SAM using your federal government email address (i.e., one that ends in .mil, .gov, .si.edu, .dodea.edu, or uhuhs.edu), the system will grant you access to entity management FOUO data to perform your federal mission.

FOUO data includes an entity’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and its size metrics. In addition, FOUO data provides the ability to view entities that have not provided SAM search authorization, and those that are federal entities registered only for Intra-Governmental Transactions (IGTs). Please remember, to see the FOUO data in a registration, you must log into SAM using your federal government user account before you search.

The SAM API can return both active and inactive organizations. The API supports pagination with a default of 10 records and a maximum of 100 records.


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