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PSS Order NAICS codes and set-asides

On June 09, 2016 I hosted a webinar on NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes and set-asides for orders under the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS). Ever wonder what the choices are when the single NAICS code used to determine the PSS contractor’s size in the PSS contract (shown in eLibrary) differs from the primary NAICS code chosen from the primary SIN for the order?


Please read the attached slide deck and its referenced documents to find out.


For additional information regarding the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS (which includes additional important NAICS code information for orders) see Recording the right PSC and description in FPDS.


The Professional Services Category team realize this NAICS code issue has been a challenge to ordering activities due to FPDS system rule limitations. We are in the process of revamping the SIN structure on PSS which will foster progress on this front. Our intent is to simplify by revising the PSS SINs to become NAICS codes. For example, PES SINs 871-1 through 871-6 have the same exact three NAICS codes for each SIN. The SINs would be revised to simply become the three NAICS Codes. This would result in reducing those current six SINs to three. We are optimistically anticipating to begin this process and engage industry late FY17 or early FY18.


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Author of this blog post: Brad deMers


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