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OASIS Q&A as of April 12

Hello, Industry Community!

As promised, we are posting the latest version of the questions and answers about the OASIS draft solicitations.  We have grouped the questions/feedback as General, Clarification, or Recommendation.  Please read all three files.  

We wanted to make you aware that we are doing some editing to the draft solicitations based on your feedback.  These changes are being vetted right now, but will be provided in detail soon.  These edits are in the areas of:

  • Dollar thresholds for OASIS SB Relevant Experience projects.
  • Accounting systems and cost reimbursement projects.
  • Affiliates, subsidiaries, and Name of Offerors.
  • Several others as well...

Please bear in mind that revisions to the draft will, of course, change some of the answers we have provided.  We will do our best to update everything as we move forward.

We look forward to further feedback from you via our inbox at oasis@gsa.gov.


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