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Notice of Upcoming Solicitation Refresh - 00CORP Professional Services Schedule Refresh #34

Upcoming Solicitation Refresh #34 for 00CORP Professional Services Schedule (PSS): Incorporation of Changes to Proposal Instructions


The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is planning to refresh the 00CORP - Professional Services Schedule (PSS) in March 2019.  This update will further streamline the PSS solicitation as follows:

●        Removes proposal instructions from existing PSS SIN descriptions and solicitation attachments
         (i.e., the Part I Goods and Services Addendum) and consolidates those instructions into the
          proposal instruction provisions incorporated into the solicitation

●        Reduces the information required to be submitted and evaluated in response to
         Technical Factor Four - Relevant Project Experience

●        Creates a new solicitation provision, SCP-FSS-008, which applies only to the 00CORP -
          Professional Services Schedule in lieu of provision SCP-FSS-002.

Additionally, GSA is providing additional information about the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot program for prospective offerors for new or follow-on PSS offers.     

Please see Attachment 1, “00CORP - Professional Services Schedule Refresh #34 Draft Significant Changes” for an overview of the planned changes, including the solicitation provision changes.  Attachment 2, “00CORP - Professional Services Schedule DRAFT PSS SIN Table,” contains the updated PSS SIN descriptions. Attachment 3, "PSS TDR Pilot,” contains updated information about the TDR pilot.


GSA FAS will host a public webinar to provide interested parties an opportunity to learn about the updates to the solicitation.  The webinar will be in a listen-only format with the ability for participants to type questions via an online chat function. The webinar information is provided below.

  Date:  Thursday, February 7, 2019

  Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT)

  Registration Link: https://meet.gsa.gov/e78pz5rey7k0/event/registration.html  


Because the solicitation refresh contains changes to solicitation provisions and not contract clauses, GSA FAS is not required to issue a mass modification to existing contractors.  However, GSA FAS may elect to issue a bilateral modification to alert contractors about the changes to the 00CORP - PSS modification instructions resulting from the provision changes.  If a mass modification issued, existing PSS contractors will have 90 days to accept the mass modification.

Please note that the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) intends to refresh all FSS solicitations in or around April 2019.  A separate Interact post will be posted for the 00CORP Schedule (Refresh #35) once the details of the next refresh are finalized. Offerors who are intending to submit an offer in March or April 2019 are advised to be on the lookout for the PSS Refresh #35 Interact post so that you can determine the best timing for the submission of your offer.  

Please leave any questions or feedback as a comment on this posting. Thank you for your continued partnership.


DISCLAIMER: GSA FAS is posting this notification of a planned solicitation refresh or mass modification as a courtesy to industry.  All comments about this notification or any of the attached DRAFT documents must be submitted in the “Comments” section below within 10 business days of this posting. Comments provided elsewhere or after 10 business days will not be considered.  GSA FAS will consider all relevant comments and make changes to the DRAFT documents as appropriate, but will not issue a formal response to industry comments or related inquiries. Interested parties should review the final version of the solicitation refresh or mass modification closely for additional changes made to this DRAFT.

UPDATE 02/13/19:

On February 7, GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories hosted an webinar to give industry an opportunity to learn about upcoming updates to the Professional Services Schedule solicitation.  The presentation and recording of the webinar are now accessible via these links:




Questions? Please email professionalservices@gsa.gov


Attachment TitleSizeType
PDF icon 00CORP - PSS Refresh #34 DRAFT Significant Changes228.03 KBPDF
Short Teaser Description: 
Summary of significant changes for upcoming Refresh #34
Attachment TitleSizeType
File Attachment 3 PSS TDR Pilot41.54 KBDOCX
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PSS TDR Pilot Information Sheet

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