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New MAS Schedule Clause Changes Approved

Big News! General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) Case 2013-G502 Federal Supply Schedule Contracting (Administrative Changes) has been published as a final rule and will be effective May 23, 2019. This final rule will radically streamline Schedule clauses and provisions. This initiative has been years in the making and will bring additional transparency, efficiency, and clarity to the GSA Schedules Program.  


What these changes mean:

  • More than 80 obsolete/duplicative clauses and provisions will be deleted.
  • 30 “new” clauses and provisions will be incorporated into the GSAR. These are previously “internal to FAS”/Schedules-specific clauses and provisions that start with CP, G-FSS, H-FSS, and I-FSS.
  • In addition to the 30 new clauses, four (4) GSA Schedules Program clauses and provisions (that were previously removed from the GSAR as part of a prior GSAM rewrite) are now incorporated into the GSAR; and ten (10) existing GSA Schedules Program clauses and provisions have been updated to reflect current references and practices.  



These changes will be incorporated into GSA’s new Consolidated Schedule solicitation. GSA will be providing additional information on clause and provision changes for the new Consolidated Schedule solicitation in the upcoming months.  


Want to know more about MAS Consolidation?


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