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National Information Technology Commodity Program

GSA Federal Acquisition Service, Integrated Technology Services recently launched the National Information Technology Commodity Program. The program's mission is to procure IT commodities and ancillary services for federal, state and local governments using innovative solutions. 

The overall goal is to give the Government a fast and effective way to order IT commodities and products at sharply discounted prices with prompt, cost-effective delivery and effective customer service, while capturing economies of scale, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, fostering markets for sustainable technologies and environmentally preferable products, and simplifying data collection.

The resulting agreements will be available to all Federal, State and Local Agencies of the underlying Federal Supply Schedule. The agreements may be used by state and local government providing they are not prohibited by agency procedures. We would like to include your IT demands (without any obligations to use), this would This will provide the Federal government and other agencies a consolidated listing of like/similar commodity IT products as described in point 20 under the 25 Point Federal CIO IT Implementation Plan.   Your agency will not be bound to this acquisition vehicle but will have the option to use it, if better prices and terms are received to support your agency mission.  We welcome you to become one of the first to take advantage of volume discount prices, agency and vendor collaboration.


Please let me know your availability to discuss further.  Contact me at Charles.wingate@gsa.gov or 404-422-0323.


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