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Interact Question #29: Update on Monthly 90 Minute Virtual A2/A2SB GWAC - Industry Meetings

The Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business (A2/A2SB) GWAC Industry Virtual Meetings, organized by the Coalition for Government Procurement, are taking a break for the next three months.

There will not be an A2/A2SB GWAC Industry meeting for the months of March, April & May due to:

  • End of March 2015 pending release of the A2/A2SB draft RFPs.
  • April 2015 being used to conduct face-to-face one-on-one meetings with industry.
  • May 2015 being used to meet face to face with customers.

The plan is to resume these monthly meetings in June.

Just a reminder, the goal of these meetings is to facilitate a Myth-buster’s dialogue with the GSA A2/A2SB GWAC Team concerning the procurement strategy for the upcoming GSA A2/A2SB GWACs. The A2/A2SB GWAC Industry Meetings are open to all interested industry representative(s), regardless of whether the representative(s) is/is not a member of the Coalition for Government Procurement.








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