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Interact Question # 21 – Obtaining Relevant Experience with Work Performed with the United States Intelligence Community (I.C.)

The I.C. includes all federal agencies conducting foreign relations and national security for the U.S.A. It is estimated that over 25% of the private contractors makeup the I.C. workforce; thus, it is understandable to GSA that many interested contractors on Alliant 2 / Alliant 2 Small Business are submitting questions as to how relevant experience supporting I.C. work will be verified, given the nature of this work being highly classified and limiting in terms of what can be shared.

GSA is considering a special provision for obtaining verification of I.C. work performed for earning relevant experience credit. 

As a proposed solution to this potential issue, GSA is considering accepting verification by the contracting officer with cognizance of the respective task order cited and employed by the originating agency. Simply, the offeror would describe the application of a given technology and have the cognizant Warranted Contracting Officer endorse their description with a signature on a form or template that GSA will develop and provide with the Request for Proposal (RFP).

QUESTION – What are your thoughts to this proposed solution?  Are there any other alternative ways that might be better?

Please feel free to provide your comments.



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