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Interact Question #2 – Product Service Codes (PSCs)

We thank all of you who responded to the first set of questions posted related to Labor Categories. We believe we have adequate feedback on that topic to now move on to the next question.

The next topic for discussion is on Product Service Codes (PSCs). 

The PSC is used by the United States government to record the products, services, and research and development purchased by the government. These codes indicate what was bought for each contract action reported in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). They are used as a mechanism to identify scope of the products and services and business segment covered under the award. In many cases, a given contract/task order/purchase order will include more than one product and/or service. In such cases, the PSC data element code should be selected based on the predominant product or service that is being purchased.

A fully integrated Information Technology (IT) solution often times expands beyond the nature of IT, and can include PSCs that are not normally considered to be IT in nature, yet is integral and necessary to the IT solution. The attached chart is representative of IT PSCs and ancillary support PSCs that are often integral and necessary to an IT solution in support of an IT requirement that can be purchased under the Alliant and Alliant Small Business GWACs.

  • Does this list of Product Service Codes adequately represent the work experience you have seen through the current Alliant and Alliant Small Business GWACs and other agency information technology contracts?
  • Are we missing any other Product Service Codes aligned to Information Technology (IT) services?
  • Are there Product Service Codes listed that should not be listed?
  • What advantages do you see in a contract that provides a list of Product Service Codes that would help in the market research and procurement of IT services?
  • What types of innovative solutions (i.e. PSC dashboard, apps, research tools, etc.) could be derived by collecting and sharing Product Service Codes? 



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<p>I agree that technical writing should be added</p>
Artel LLC
<p>The list of PSCs on Alliant accurately reflects the requirements we have seen on task orders to date.&nbsp; However, we do believe GSA could add a few PSCs that are not normally considered to be IT in nature, but are integral and necessary to the IT solution.</p><p>Our recommendation would be to add:</p><p><strong><em>R406 </em></strong>- <em>Support- Professional: Policy Review/Development</em></p><p>Rationale: We have found that IT policy is a big part of an overarching IT contract within an OCIO, especially when it comes to the adherence to Department-wide policies and OMB mandates.&nbsp; Examples would include cyber, FISMA, and records management related policies that need to be reviewed and disseminated. At the Department level, these same policies may need to be developed.</p><p><strong><em>R415 </em></strong>- <em>Support- Professional: Technology Sharing/Utilization</em></p><p>Rationale: Technology sharing is a broad term and spans the IT enterprise and incorporates requirements such as user group facilitation, technology forums, and open source projects.</p><p><strong>T013</strong>&ndash; <em>Photo/Map/Print/Publication- Technical Writing</em></p><p>Rationale: User manuals and technical publications are necessary when working within an OCIO.</p><p>Providing a list of PSCs allows agencies to have a quick reference for understanding the scope of work that primarily is performed on a vehicle.&nbsp; The agencies then know what type of work they can bring to a contract.&nbsp; It also gives agencies a mechanism for better and accurate reporting.</p>
Alliant 2 Blogger (not verified)
<p>@Artel LLC: Thank you for your feedback.&nbsp;</p>
FYI TO ALL ... We are using the 2011 PSC manual as opposed to the 2007. Often confused... just a note :-)
<p>Many of the Alliant II &amp; Alliant Small Business II GWACs, limited to my knowledge, are not designed to include those external agency users; particularly those that have been required to answer sensitive questions for the purpose of authenticating their identity.&nbsp; Additionally, there should be a level of disclosure related to PSC that allow external users to make informed choices on what PSC (including ancillaries) to requisition.&nbsp; It has been learned that the agencies now have partnership agreements with SBA to streamline and simplify federal acquisitions, hopefully for those end users.<br /><br />Thank you,<br />Sheila</p>
<p>The PSC list should include T013 (technical writing).</p>
Alliant 2 Blogger (not verified)
<p>@teampletellc: Thank you for your feedback.&nbsp;</p>
Alliant 2 Blogger (not verified)
<p>@sbaile05: Thank you for your feedback.&nbsp;</p>
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