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Interact Question #10 – Contract Access Fee (CAF) as an Indirect Cost

The GSA GWAC Program, residing within the GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is a non-appropriated program with recurring operating costs. These operating costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing and managing the various GSA government wide acquisition contracts,
  • Providing both acquisition and technical support to customers,
  • Systems support, updating & maintaining websites, etc.

In order for the GWAC Program to cover its operating costs, funding to operate the Program needs to be addressed as either a direct or indirect component of service prices.  

Industry and government both seek a streamlined approach that reduces costs as well as the burden to all parties, including agency customers, and seeks an alternative approach to funding the GWAC Program.  

The GSA GWAC Program is investigating two alternative options that would help streamline the process.    

Option 1: Require each of the Alliant 2/Alliant 2 Small Business (A2/A2SB) GWAC Contract Prime Awardees to include the cost of the GWAC Program (based on recurring operational costs) as part of the awardees’ indirect costs. The GWAC Program would determine the operating cost and adjust accordingly on an annual basis; and the operating cost would be spread evenly to the GWAC Contract Prime Awardees to pay at fixed intervals within a fiscal year. The GWAC fee would be recovered from agency customers as a component of each GWAC Contract Prime Awardee’s indirect costs.

Option 2: Require each of the A2/A2SB Contract Prime Awardees pay 0.75% of all invoices on a periodic basis. We would also be interested in knowing which interval works best (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). The 0.75% would be a separate and distinct indirect business cost billed to the agency customer, resulting in the A2/A2SB Contract Prime Awardees covering the cost of operating the GWAC Program based on business volume.

Please share your thoughts on these two options, or provide additional innovative approaches for consideration.  


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