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The IAE Lays Out the Future at APTAC Spring Conference

On March 11, Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Program Manager Andrew Starling presented the changes and improvements coming to beta.SAM.gov at the 2019 Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) Spring Training Conference in Reno, Nevada.


During the presentation, Starling discussed the updated modernization overview and gave updates on such topics as:

  • Recent updates to current SAM.gov
  • The coming integration of login.gov into beta.SAM.gov.
  • The decommissioning of Wage Determination OnLine (WDOL.gov) and FedBizOps (FBO.gov) and how to prepare for the transitions.  

Starling also gave a walk-through of the beta.SAM.gov site as well as some background on data services.

The APTAC training conference provides information to the Procurement Technical Assistance Center’s (PTACs) counselors about the latest government acquisition requirements and to inform the entities they support about doing business with the federal government.

For  additional information on the updates to the beta site, go to beta.SAM.gov.


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The IAE environment is designed to transition multiple, stove-piped applications into an integrated workforce tool set for awards management across... More

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