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Health IT SIN Update: Instructions for New and Existing IT Schedule 70 Contract Holders

In preparation for the issuance of the IT Schedule 70 Health IT SIN 132-56,  attached to this post are:

  • a detailed instruction package which includes information for current IT Schedule 70 contract holders as well new industry partners, and
  • a price proposal spreadsheet template.

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Is a contractor required to submit new labor categories or can existing categories under SI 132-51 also be classified under Health IT?  I see awarded contractors catalogs in Advantage both ways?


IT Schedule 70 ...
The labor categories for SIN 132 51 are for general IT services. The Health IT SIN labor categories must be specific to health IT, the description of the labor categories must be specific to health IT services.
If you need further assistance, please email HealthIT-SIN@gsa.gov.
IT Schedule 70 ...

Thank you for your interest. Please submit any questions regarding the instruction package or price proposal spreadsheet to



Does this have a due date or are you able to modify the contract indefinitely? 

IT Schedule 70 ...

There is no due date - IT Schedule 70 is an open solicitation.

IT Schedule 70 is the largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery indefinite... More
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