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GSA IT Schedule 70 Program Adds Cloud-Related IT Professional Services to the Cloud SIN (SIN 132-40)

Recent requirements mandating federal government customers to move their IT computing applications and infrastructure to the cloud have increased the demand for cloud computing, but have also revealed some current cloud acquisition challenges. Under the IT Schedule 70 Program, the current Cloud SIN (132-40) was developed and implemented in 2015.

GSA’s experience helping cloud customers navigate this relatively new SIN has revealed a few areas that can be revised to align with today’s market for acquiring cloud.

The Cloud SIN has been modified to accommodate IT professional services that are focused on providing the types of  services that support the government’s adoption of, migration to, and ongoing governance/management of cloud computing. Contractors must only offer specific labor categories and/or fixed price solutions (e.g. migration services, etc.) on the Cloud SIN that support activities associated with assessing cloud solutions, refactoring workloads for cloud solutions, migrating legacy or other systems to cloud solutions, providing management/ governance to cloud solutions, DevOps, developing cloud-native applications or other cloud-oriented activities. Contractors may propose other types of relevant services, as long as they are specifically designed to work within and/or support the type of cloud products offered under 132-40.

Labor categories and/or services under Special Item Number 132-51, Information Technology Professional Services may remain there.  Cloud Related IT Professional Services, which include Cloud Related IT Professional labor categories and/ or services required to assess, prepare, refactor, migrate, integrate, develop new native cloud applications (DevOps) or govern a Cloud implementation will be added to SIN 132-40 via modification or new offer. Cloud Related professional IT services will differ from those on SIN 132-51 by clearly defining “Cloud” in Services / labor category title and/or description. The intent is that the Cloud Services on SIN 132- 40 will be distinct from general services on SIN 132-51.

Also, the Cloud SIN has been updated to include a more precise interpretation of one of the five NIST essential characteristics that define cloud products. Previously, the “Measured Service” characteristic left some ambiguity as to the precision and frequency of measurements.  Particularly in the area of Software as a Service (SaaS), some contractors believed that fixed priced annual usage agreements, more akin to annual subscription fees or term user licenses, met the requirement of “Measured Service.” GSA will interpret the “Measured Service” and “Pay as You Go” NIST essential characteristic as having a term no longer than one month in length. 

For training on all things cloud, including this updated SIN, please visit our Events page.

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