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FYI: NAICS codes within the Scope of SIN 595-28

The following list of applicable NAICS codes define the varied services available within the scope of SIN (Category) 595-28, Social Services, Professional Counseling and Veterans’ Readjustment & Behavioral Health Services.  Due to GSA systems limiting the number of codes that can be applied to the SIN Table, it is important that customer agencies choose one of the current codes that most closely align with the services sought. This will allow maximum vendor competition within the SIN.  Each GSA Schedule vendor should have added the most relevant codes to their System for Award Managment (SAM), www.sam.gov file. However, from time to time, vendors have not added all necessary codes and must be reminded to do so.   The Schedule is flexible and allows for changes and updates to the primary codes based upon customer agency needs and the evolution of the SIN scope. As new services are added or as changes occur that have an "industry wide" impact, both customers and vendors need to re-align the codes that define requirements.

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