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Feedback Requested: for new Health IT Categories/Offerings on one of GSA’s eTools

We need your professional insight and feedback on a draft hierarchy on GSA’s IT Solutions Navigator (ITSN), to ensure it accurately reflects the Health IT marketplace. GSA hopes to obtain value-added feedback from industry partners on ITSN’s structure of Health IT categories, product/service descriptions, and information architecture expansion, and other ways to enhance the structure of the Health IT services offering in ITSN.

Additionally, GSA is planning to expand the applications offerings within the ITSN tool to include Health IT Services. In order to do this, our team has created a draft hierarchy of Health IT Services that will be added to ITSN’s list of IT services and products.

The ITSN system is an easy-to-use, web-based portal to simplify and expedite the acquisition of IT services and products. Likewise, ITSN captures customers’ requirements to provide the best-fitting GSA contract vehicle, while providing more information through an appropriate point-of-contact.

This summer the new Health IT Services Special Item Number (SIN 132-56) on IT Schedule 70 was announced, and was awarded to 65 highly qualified industry partners (Health IT Services SIN – Ready to Serve Agencies)–with that number continuing to grow daily as new contracts are being awarded. The Health IT Services SIN simplifies the procurement process, making it easier for agencies to get access to innovative and emerging health IT services. It also fosters competition and promotes small business participation. The SIN also gives industry partners a way to distinguish their health IT services offerings from other IT related services already under the IT Schedule 70 program, letting them stand out to agencies specifically seeking health IT services.

Please provide feedback including questions, comments, revisions or recommended hierarchies (MS Word and MS Excel formats preferred) to navigator@gsa.gov by December 15, 2016 for consideration.

The draft hierarchy is attached. Please note this is only a draft, is not final and is subject to change.

For more information on the ITSN, visit: https://navigator.gsa.gov.

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