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Draft Performance Work Statement - IAE Common Services

The Integrated Award Environment office is soliciting feedback on a draft performance work statement (PWS) for the IAE Common Services. The draft section C and a ZIP file containing appendices are attached to this message.

We are soliciting feedback on the following points:

1.      Is our scope clear, regarding which business functions are contained in this effort? (That is, the current systems that will be supported by the common services environment directly will be those described in background sections of Section C.)

2.      Are the functional requirements around the Agile, continuous integration environment clear?

3.      Are the functional requirements around containerization of the environment clear?

4.      The IAE program is intending to support a multiple vendor environment built through Agile development; the requirements definition, schedule of development, and product roadmap are all subject to governance priority and can be affected by the selected architecture itself.  Has IAE provided enough flexibility for vendors to propose solutions which allow for this type of development?

5.      In line with Question 4, the Government desires to provide as much as possible only its desired outcomes and allow the Industry Partners the flexibility to propose innovative and expert solutions.  Please point to any areas of the requirement that appear to be overly prescriptive and that might prevent Industry innovation.

6.      Is it clear what level of access will be required into the environment by the Government and other parties that the Government designates to be given access?

Please submit your feedback to iae-common-services-feedback@gsa.gov

Feedback will be accepted up to June 13th. Note that the GSA will not be posting a reconciliation of the feedback; this feedback will be used to refine the PWS.


Navin Vembar

Branch Chief, Integrated Award Environment, GSA IT


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