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Discussion | Standard Configurations for Executive Office Furniture

Strategic Sourcing’s Demand Management approach  is inward facing, focused on optimizing internal practices, processes, and policies aimed at reducing the overall usage of goods and services, thereby improving the total cost of ownership (TCO). A sound Demand Management strategy can assist with achieving savings through a better understanding of the cost trade off for a product based on various options or features and the rationalization of specifications or requirements. In this regard, demand management helps discern between “needs” and “wants”, matching requirements or plans  to market capabilities. For example, buying a different color table may decrease costs, so weighting and pricing out different options is very important.


The Furniture Commodity Team has developed the following standard configurations for Executive Office Furniture.  At this time we are soliciting industry comments/feedback to determine that the standard configurations are clear, concise and competitive in the market place.  


Please see the attached PDF and provide any feedback or concerns that you may have on these standards.  In particular, we are interested in receiving input on the following questions:


  1. Are the options included under the standard configurations restrictive? If so, please explain why.


  1. Are any of the options in the base configurations considered premium options in the commercial sector?


Responses are due by Monday, April 20, 2015 through commenting on this post or emailing FSSI.furniture@gsa.gov


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