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Business Support Systems (BSS) Security Assessment and Authorization Status Report as of January 15, 2019 - CORRECTED

The attached report has been updated to correct an error.

This report indicates the progress of each EIS contractor’s BSS FISMA Security Assessment & Authorization (A&A).  EIS requires a “moderate” authorization as defined in FIPS 199, NIST SP 800-60 and GSA Policies and Procedures.  The Process begins with the contractor’s completion of all required documentation, along with security vulnerability and system compliance scans. Upon GSA’s acceptance of the documentation and security scans, GSA’s Security Assessment Team conducts a Security A&A Initiation meeting with the contractor. The Initiation meeting officially starts the Security A&A process in accordance with the EIS contract. It is followed by review and acceptance of the Security Assessment and Authorization package by GSA, and issuance of the Authority to Operate (ATO) by GSA’s Authorizing Official (AO).


Each EIS contractor must receive an ATO before its system can be put into operation.

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