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Attention Industry: Revised Market Basket for Your Review


The FSSI MRO Team is gearing up to release the final RFQ. In advance of the public release, we ask that you review and comment on the revised market basket. 

Please carefully review the item descriptions - we want to know if they make sense or if you feel improvement is needed.  Are the descriptions clear? Should more information be provided, etc.? When suggesting improvements, be specific so we can make any necessary revisions. And be sure to include the item Reference ID so we know exactly to which item you are referring. 

Please submit comments by August 1, 2013.

Thank you for your continued support!!!



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<p>When has the release been postponed until? Obviously, we have eclipsed the late July/ early August time period.</p>
<p><font size="2">Will any additional response to the original questions be provided regarding the lead times, Berry Amendment etc that were still left unanswered before the final RFQ is submitted?&nbsp; Review of the market basket and product offerings are highly dependent upon those question responses.</font></p>
FSSI MRO Blogger
<p>GSA is working on responses regarding the market basket and will post them as soon as possible.&nbsp; Berry Amendment requirements will not be included in JanSan; however, the Berry Amendment is applicable to DoD orders place against the MRO vehicle.&nbsp; Standard Delivery time will be 5-7 days.</p>
<p>I&#39;m a little confused.&nbsp; An earlier blog on 7/11 stated that a revised DRAFT RFQ would be released late July/early August.&nbsp; This blog states that a &quot;final RFQ&quot; will be released soon.&nbsp; Will there be another Draft RFQ released?</p><p>thank you,</p><p>Dave</p>
FSSI MRO Blogger
<p>There will not be another draft RFQ.&nbsp;</p>
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