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ASTRO Update

Hello ASTRO Community!

The ASTRO team would first like to thank all of those who have responded to our requests for information and have provided us feedback and ideas to consider!  The response has been robust and truly beneficial.  While this should not come as a shock to the people who know us from previous procurements, we are listening!  In fact, as a direct result of input and ideas received regarding evaluation criteria and scoring, we are making some fairly significant changes right now to Sections L and M that we are very excited about and feel strongly will lead to a better procurement outcome!  This influx of ideas has us busy writing and re-writing the draft solicitation document, so we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on our planned schedule of events:

Publish a full draft solicitation:  The Week of January 27, 2020

One on One Meetings (Due Diligence) with Industry:  February 18-20, 2020

The Due Diligence sessions will be held in the Washington DC area.  We will post instructions on how to sign up for the sessions in the near future.  Once we gather input from the Due Diligence sessions, we will make our final decisions and begin the process of internal review and vetting of all the associated procurement documents.  We anticipate releasing a formal solicitation sometime in the Spring of 2020.

The ASTRO team would like to remind everyone that we are open to receiving input and discussing ideas throughout this process up until the day that the formal solicitation is released.  We are based in Fort Worth, TX, so we understand if travel is an issue.  However, if you desire to meet with us in person or have a telecom with us, we are happy to try to accommodate those requests.  In other words, you don’t have to wait for the Due Diligence sessions to communicate with us… we are open and available to you throughout the process!

Thank you all again for the tremendous input of ideas and feedback and please keep up the great work!

Have a great ASTRO day!



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Can subs be added after prime contract award?
Will Fortier
In short yes. Teaming arrangements should be tailored to best meet individual task order requirements and is a vendor business decision.
In reviewing Industry Certifications in the DRFP I noticed under Mission Operations Pool there is one called - DoD Commercial Airlift Review Board Approval; and under the Aviation Pool and Space Pool there are two other ones - AS9100 Certification and AS9110 Certification. Are these correct? Thanks.
Will Fortier
Hello - I recommend routing specific technical questions like this through astro@gsa.gov
Caton Jarrett
Credence Management Solutions supports the ASTRO RFP as currently written with the Bootstrap Bonus, as this innovative approach is designed to ultimately best benefit FEDSIM’s critical customers. By enabling mid-size companies to compete for awards on the ASTRO vehicle, FEDSIM’s customers would benefit from: 1) Increased, healthier levels of competition on ASTRO task orders. ASTRO’s Bootstrap Bonus as it’s written in the Draft RFP would result in a more mixed-size grouping of awardee companies, and the highly qualified mid-size companies with awards would likely be more hungry and venturesome on bidding on tasks, thus increasing competition and allowing customers to select from a more diverse pool of bidders. Conversely, for comparison, per a FEDSIM presentation at the OASIS PMR in June 2019, it was noted that there was an average of 2 bidders for each of the 7 FEDSIM RFPs that were recently procured through OASIS Unrestricted. If ASTRO removes the Bootstrap Bonus, then its composition of large business awardees and bidding behaviors would likely mirror that of OASIS Unrestricted awardees, potentially resulting in similarly low bidder rate on ASTRO. 2) Increased diversity of ASTRO task bidders. Mid-size companies are able to offer customers economic rates, innovative solutions resulting from a nimble approach, focused attention to customer needs, and speed enabled through minimized bureaucracy at the company level. ASTRO customers would benefit from the opportunity to evaluate which solution from a variety of offerors would best fit their needs.
Will, will there be an official announcement on beta.sam about the new timeline you referenced? What's driving the change in dates?
Will Fortier
The team is still in the planning phase and finishing up market research. Dates are always in flux during this period in acquisitions. Stakeholders, policy, legal, staff limitations, emergencies, etc. are all examples of what will impact ASTRO timeline.
Will, Deltek has posted these dates for ASTRO: Status Pre-RFP Solicitation Date 04/2020 (Deltek Estimate) Award Date 09/2020 (Deltek Estimate) Can you confirm that these dates are correct or can you provide more accurate dates?
Will Fortier
The current schedule is targeting a 3rd quarter solicitation release and 1st quarter FY21 award announcements.
FEDSIM’s inclusion of the Boot Strap Bonus for medium sized companies is a welcomed technique to increase competition for the 45 awards in each pool. Should this technique contribute to awards to a small number of medium sized companies (i.e., < $160M annual revenue) who are able to manage and execute $100M TOs, FEDSIM will likely see these companies more willing to take risks/bid on TOs that do not have a high probability of win, unlike the very large companies. In addition, many mid-sized companies are less encombered with corporate policies that may limit a company’s agility/ability to respond to new or unexpected opportunities on ASTRO. This potential offeror strongly supports FEDSIM’s Boot Strap Bonus now incorporated into the draft RFP and believes it will be beneficial to both FEDSIM and end customers
I'm receiving notifications from beta.SAM of a new sources sought for ASTRO, but I don't see any changes. Please let us know what's going on.
Will Fortier
I noticed that as well a few days ago. The ASTRO team has not made any changes to the posted beta.sam package since the draft package was posted.
Hello Will, I understand that the Draft Solicitation was anticipated to be released the week of January 27, 2020. Would you be able to provide a new time frame for when the Draft will be released?
Hello, Are there any updates to this timeline please?
Hello Will, I understand that a full Draft Solicitation was anticipated to be released the week of January 27, 2020. Would you be able to provide a new Draft release time frame? Thank you!
Are there any updates regarding the Due Diligence Sessions scheduled for 18-20 Feb in DC? Thank you.
Hello ASTRO Team, It looks like the full draft solicitation is a few days late. When can we expect it's release? How is the industry one on one meetings planning sessions going? Will these dates hold and when can we register?
Any updates on the expected release of the full draft solicitation?
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