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Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) Contract Award Notice Posted on FedBizOpps (FBO)

February 14, 2018


SUBJECT:               Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) Contract Award Notice

Posted on FedBizOpps (FBO)


RE:                          Solicitation Number QTA0016GBA0002


To all A2SB interested parties:


On February 14, 2018 the U.S. General Services Administration posted the A2SB Contract Award Notice on FBO:



The A2SB Contract Award Notice on FBO is the official notice, not this message.


All A2SB interested parties are encouraged to review and understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation 15.506, “Postaward debriefing of offerors”, which addresses requesting a debriefing, including deadlines.


An offeror, by written request, may request a debriefing by sending an email to the A2SB Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO), at A2SB@gsa.gov.  No other method of requesting a debriefing will be accepted. 


Untimely debriefing requests will not be fulfilled, as GSA has an interest in an ordered process given the number of offers.


Thank you for participating in the A2SB solicitation.  I hope that all interested parties will look for opportunities to work together.




Greg Byrd









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