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VA Schedule Contractor Training Program to Launch This September!

VA FSS Service is proud to announce a new training program for our prospective vendors and current contractors.  Designed to teach on the various aspects of the VA Schedule solicitation proposal submission and review process, this training program will increase our organizational transparency and provide participants with an open forum for discussions with VA Schedule subject matter experts.

To reach the widest audience possible, this training program will feature live webinars, podcasts, blogs, and enhanced training articles in our monthly newsletter.


Each month we will offer a 2-hour webinar to discuss the topics/issues that are pertinent to you.  To ensure that these discussions are relevant to you, we will solicit questions from the vendor community that we will answer during the webinar.  Relevant questions and answers will be posted to the FSS FAQ page after each month’s webinar.  To kick off this new program, our first webinar will be held on Wednesday, September 12 from 10am – noon CT. Email pmrs@va.gov for access to the webinar and to submit your questions!


Step behind the scenes with our upcoming podcast series.  To be launched in Q1 FY2013, these podcasts will augment our monthly webinars and provide more in-depth information on relevant topics.  Keep up-to-date with the latest podcast through the FSS Web Portal.


Beginning in September 2012, we will begin utilizing our LinkedIn and GSA Interact profiles to post blogs about policy and solicitation issues relevant to our contractor community.  You are encouraged to connect with us and share your ideas and concerns.  We will strive to answer all pertinent comments in a timely manner and/or reach out to address individual issues.  Some issues may be addressed in the monthly webinar, or posted to our FAQ page.

 Training Articles

We will continue to provide you with in-depth training articles in our monthly eNewsletter designed to deepen your understanding of the VA Schedules program.


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