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Topic | Not just GSA, BMO services will pertain to all federal property

GSA is just beginning to set the path for the future Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO) services strategic sourcing program. However, one thing is for sure--once completed, the building maintenance and operations services covered by this new solution will be available for ALL federal agencies to use.
The federal government owns and/or operates 2.9 billion square feet of physical property across the country and around the world. While developing its government-wide acquisition approach, GSA is taking into consideration the wide range of property types that will need to be covered. Agency-owned and leased office space comprises only 25% of all federal property. The final BMO services solution will have to provide for specialized services that will support additional facility types, such as military bases, post offices, museums, labs and hospitals, schools, housing and barracks, warehouses and industrial structures.
The federal government spends an estimated $19 billion annually within the BMO category. Majority of property is owned and/or operated by federal agencies other than GSA (GSA’s portion of this spend is only 12%).  The U.S. Departments of Defense (including armed forces and Defense Logistics Agency), Energy and Veterans Affairs are the largest category spenders, adding up to approximately $12.6 billion a year total. GSA is working with these organizations to develop BMO in addition to numerous other outside agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Justice, and Treasury; Federal Aviation Administration; and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This commodity development team is comprised of subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about their organizations’ operations and property inventory. Their involvement with the solution’s development will ensure that GSA accurately addresses the range of agency customer needs.
The U.S. Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is the project lead for this initiative, however FAS is working closely with the GSA Public Building Service and additional specialists, including the GSA sustainability office. This is helping to better pinpoint achievable best practices and guarantee that all service and building types are examined. In addition, GSA has engaged its Office of Small Business Utilization, the U.S Small Business Association and SourceAmerica to done with developing a future solution that is good for small and disadvantaged business. GSA is committed to managing a process that will result in a smart and usable strategic sourcing solution that is beneficial to the government and taxpayer, and practical and easy-to-use for agencies and the vendors.

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